Law School Podcasting

*Lurker writes “The American University Washington College of Law has started its own podcast for its students, faculty and others to subscribe to. Billie Jo Kaufman and her colleagues are the brains behind it. The University states that it began the cast primarily for its students, so that they can find out about all sorts of issues going on at their school. The administration points out that students could not possibly attend all the events going on, you simply can’t be in more than one place at a time. So with the podcast, students will be able to hear about other programs and events that they were unable to attend.

On a more interesting note, they will even be able to stream classes they miss, this could be a slippery slope, though. Being a student myself I know how tempting this option could be. The University is quick to point out that it will have to be an “excusable absence� in order to take advantage of this option.

For further information you can contact : Kathy Thompson, AU WCL Public Relations, 202-274-4279; Cell Phone: 703-855-5556.
And the feed is here.
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