Wish List: No More Books!

Several years ago Joe Queenan calculated how many books he could read if he lived to his actuarially expected age. The answer was 2,138. He says In many instances, people pass along books as a probing technique to see, “Is he really one of us?” That is, you’re not serious about your ethnic heritage unless you’ve read “Angela’s Ashes.” You don’t care about the poor Mayans unless you’ve read “1491” and its inevitable sequel, “1243.” You don’t really give a damn about the pernicious influence of the Knights Templar unless you’ve read “The Da Vinci Code.” And you’re not really interested in the future of our imperiled republic unless you’ve read “The No Spin Zone,” “The No Spin Zone for Children,” “101 Things Stupid Liberals Hate About the No Spin Zone,” and “Ann Coulter on Spinoza.”