Should We Move A Million Little Pieces To Fiction?

Karen Writes: “I am just a citizen concerned about the mis-classification of James Frey’s “non-fiction novel” A Million Little Pieces. I feel the author and publisher should not be the authority over where the book is positioned in our nation’s libraries. I feel it should be re-classified and moved to the fiction shelves. I have written to the American Library Association, but have not received any response. Please tell me if this is a valid endeavor? Am I the only one who cares about the integrity of book classifications in our libraries?

I just feel strongly that unsuspecting library patrons in future years will be mislead by this book if it remains in the non-fiction stacks. The author initially wrote this book and pitched to publishers as a novel and has admitted fabricating key portions. I am saddened that major opinion makers such as Oprah Winfrey say it is no big deal to pass off fiction as fact. I am amazed that librarians have not spoken out in this public debate. But maybe I am alone in my concerns.