Are We Making Too Much of the Frey Thing?

I met up with two non-book people this past weekend (lawyers), who cannot believe the number of headlines/stories/TV segments and overall attention to the scandal over James Frey’s “A Million Little Pieces.” Links from Arts Journal

What About Frey’s Enablers? – The New York Times 01/28/06

Who’s Responsible? – Boston Globe 01/28/06

Warning Labels – Truth In Memoirism? – BookStandard 01/26/06

First Oprah, Now Frey’s Publisher Rebukes Author – BookStandard 01/26/06

Oprah: I was Wrong To Defend Frey – The New York Times 01/26/06

Readers Sue Frey For “Wasted Time” – Seattle Times 01/25/06

Question: Do you think too much is being made of the story? Is the ‘buzz’ just part of the ‘biz’?