Plot thickens in Australian vanishing books mystery

Anonymous Patron writes “A drunk man smashed the window of Melbourne’s oldest antiquarian book stores and allegedly made off with two dozen of English literature’s finest.
But There’s More. He went through a window, and proceeded to splatter blood throughout the store after cutting himself on the window – smashed a glass cabinet at the back of the store before gathering the books into a cardboard box and fleeing. He has told police he does not remember what happened to the books.
Sheilah McGrath-Campbell, a worker at the High Street store, had this to say:

“He obviously had no taste in books, though, because while they are beautiful books he took, and we’re heart-broken they’re gone, it’s almost like that’s all he saw because he passed another cabinet to get to this one at the back of the store.”

Also spirited away was a copy of The Book of Fate and Fortune, An Encyclopedia of the Occult Sciences. But most valuable of all is a $3200 first edition of A Collection of Ancient Poems, Songs and Ballads of legendary English outlaw Robin Hood.”