“Patriotic” Activists Librarians

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The potential sting of the Patriot Act was one of the issues focused on this morning when north suburban librarians and library trustees met with state and federal lawmakers.

North suburban librarians and library officials met with state and federal legislators this morning in Buffalo Grove and library customers’ rights to privacy was one of the main themes.

Officials talked of their concern over state funding issues of public libraries, but they also spoke of their concern about the Patriot Act and how they’d like to see repealed the portion of the law that deals with libraries and bookstores.

The law allows federal agents to find out what books or videos you’ve checked out of the library or even what Internet Web sites you’ve visited at the library –all in the name of Homeland Security.

Marilyn Genther of the Mt. Prospect Library was among those who want Congress to repeal portions of the Patriot Act. She says she thinks “it’s a slippery slope for privacy and individual rights.�