My Study Finds Books to Films Encourage Stupidity

Anonymous Patron writes:

The recent trend of books being adapted for the screen is making America stupid. More stupid than it already is. It’s a phenomenon with a tag line (sung to the tune of “Amazing Grace”): “I once was worldly, but now I’m ignorant,” or “I once was literate, but now wouldn’t pick up a novel and read it if I was being forced by a pitchfork-wielding Truman Capote.” Basically, this trend is making the stories that first appeared in books-many of them award-winning-too easily accessible. Our society is all about convenience. Why go to the book store and choose one based on its pretty cover (admit it, we all do) when you can go to Cinemark and watch the same book acted out for you, in a comfortable two-hour timeframe?”

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clearly indicates that this “study” is really more of a case history.