Reproduction of Copyrighted Works By Educators and Librarians

Anonymous Patron writes “From the Library of Congress • Copyright Office:
Many educators and librarians ask about the fair use
and photocopying provisions of the copyright law. The
Copyright Office cannot give legal advice or offer opinions
on what is permitted or prohibited. However, They have
published in this circular[PDF] basic information on some of the
most important legislative provisions and other documents
dealing with reproduction by librarians and educators.”

If Ya Can’t Beat ’em – Offer ’em a Job Interview writes

“Search supremo Google has been inviting UK internet users who tamper with their ‘secure’ products and programs to visit the company’s HQ to try out for a job.

A series of candidates have been called to Mountain View in California, after they tried illegally to tweak Google products or hack the search site for company secrets.
The phenomena, dubbed ‘Google Hacking’ is now so prevalent that stand-alone sites have been set up to display already exposed secrets, so hackers can’t claim someone else’s discovery as their own.”

Read all about it here and here.

Smithsonian + Microsoft writes

TechWeb and CCNews report “Microsoft and the Smithsonian said Tuesday that they’d struck a deal where the national museum’s Folkways Recordings — a catalog of some 35,000 historic songs and speeches — will be available for sale and downloading from the MSN Music online store.
The new Smithsonian section of MSN Music offers up tunes from the likes of Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, and Big Bill Broonzy, and non-musical tracks from such luminaries as Martin Luther King, Jr. and FDR.”

Balancing the Books

Durst writes “From The TimesHerald is a story of typical budgetary woes at the St. Clair County Library system.

A transfer from a savings account likely will make up the first $140,000 of the $282,000 the St. Clair County Library System board needs to balance its 2005 books.”