Little More Than Sad Stories In D.C. Libraries

Lee Hadden writes: \”There is an interesting article in today\’s Washington Post concerning
the emphasis placed on certain aspects of public libraries, while basic
needs are ignored and budgets cut.

Intersting indeed, the story says libraries are latching onto a gimmick like \”One Book\”, while the city\’s library system has seen its staff cut by 30 percent.

\”I don\’t think anyone visiting our libraries would look around and say \’This is a fantastic-looking, well-maintained, attractive place I would like to visit with my family,\’ \” says Alexander Padro, a publishing executive who lives in Shaw and serves on the D.C. library\’s board of trustees. \”We haven\’t been performing basic maintenance for 15 years. We have frayed carpeting, poor lighting, HVAC systems that don\’t work.\”