Librarianship: ““It was everything I loved about teaching without the stuff I didn’t”

So says the Director of the Carson City, NV Library, Sara Jones.

Jones called becoming a librarian “really good serendipity.” But she wasn’t sure at first that she should have left teaching.

Her decision was validated when, as a librarian at the Elko County Library, she rode along on the Bookmobile to Owyhee, a small Indian reservation about 60 miles north of Elko.

“Those school doors burst open, and all the kids came running out toward us,” she recalled. “That’s when I said, OK, I’m doing the right thing.”

As the director of the Carson City Library, she still likes to see people get excited about reading. “I don’t care what it is, reading is reading even if it’s your cereal box,” she said. “Just as long as you have fun with it.”

Story from Nevada Appeal.