How Scientists Get Their News

Lee Hadden writes: “The Scientist did a survey to see how scientists keep up with the
news. For those libraries considering dropping their New York Times
subscription, 16% of scientists use that title to keep up with the latest
news. From the article:

“The Scientist surveyed 485 readers to find
out how they keep up with the
(nonscientific) news. More than 98% of
readers stay abreast of current events, and
more than 70% use three or more media. Most
popular is television news, with 71.1%
watching regularly, closely followed by news
Web sites (68.8%). Daily newspapers and
Sunday newspapers follow with 57.2% and
47.9%, respectively. About 2% admit to not
keeping up with the news. CNN is the
overwhelming favorite among the more than 70
TV channels mentioned–it is watched by 21%
of television viewers. By far the most
popular newspaper of the 148 mentioned is
The New York Times, read by 16% of newspaper

How do most librarians get their news?