Have a Library Story You’d Like to Tell?

…but don’t want to create your own blog (or connect the story to a specific library or librarian…)? Here’s an answer from a LISNews blogger who calls him/herself ‘librarytales’.

Check out the blog and feel free to participate. Here’s the first post from “LiliumCruentum”:

“After working in a public library for several years I have accumulated all kinds of crazy stories to tell. After my animated re-tellings, friends and family often joke with me about how I should create a website to share some of my funny, crazy, and touching experiences from work – so this blog has been long overdue!

Please feel free to submit some of your own “tales from the library” – whether you are a patron or an employee! The good, the bad, the unexpected, scary, hilarious, horrendous, enlightening, and of course the crazy – you can email them all to me, along with your name, at [email protected] (Neither your email nor your last name will be published – only your first name or screen name.)

I look forward to hearing from you all, and to sharing some of my own experiences with the world as well!”