Are eReaders Environmentally Friendly?

Hmm, the jury is still out on that subject, but this blog post does point out an interesting statistic: for every five books that men read, women read nine.

After discussing the multiple considerations and the pros and cons of both delivery methods (e-books & paper), the author David Turnbull, an environmental law student, concludes this:

the only strong conclusion that can be gathered is that traditional print is the greenest option available today. The established consumer base, sustainable forested supply of paper, and paper recycling programs allow book purchases to be the greener option. However, in the near future, eReaders will in fact become more sustainable through the course of their lifecycle, eBooks will be much cheaper to purchase, and their lifecycle will be much longer. Perhaps we will have to wait until the distant future to find out the verdict once eReaders have achieved hegemony over old-fashioned print.

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