GLTB librarian information request?

Ree_boy writes: “Hello Lisnewsers, I’m posting this request as a total newbie here. I saw this URL in a regional library newsletter a couple of weeks ago and have been lurking around reading all the interesting news for the past 2-3 weeks. It’s only been today that I’ve had a request from my library director to find some information that I don’t believe exists (at least in the format specified to me). Therefore, I created a user account and am proceeding to ask you knowledgeable folks to help prove/disprove my ignorance. The director would like to know if there are any studies available on GLTB librarianship? She’s working with a group to review material in the field, but *I* haven’t had enough exposure to the field to authoritatively say this is a snipe hunt. Any help, anyone?