Challenges for Writers of Children’s Science Books

Wordy1 writes “A story by the NY Times (registration required) discusses the challenges of writing children’s books about science. While scientific accuracy is important, sometimes it can conflict with the need to make a book enticing or at least accessible. What’s more, the way scientific matters change as time and technology race on reduces the likelihood for longevity of children’s books about science. Lisa Von Drasek, a children’s librarian at the Bank Street College of Education in Manhattan, points to the constant weeding out of outdated children’s science books from school library collections. She says, “You don’t want a book sitting on your shelf that says, ‘Some day, man will walk on the Moon,'”

Despite all these challenges, authors & illustrators like Peter Sis, Steve Jenkins and David Macaulay spend hours, and even years, researching the subjects of their books. So, will there ever be a children’s science book that retains popularity equivalent to, say, Charlotte’s Web?”