Censorship Reaches Ridiculous Extremes

“Humpback whales, the asexual reproduction of mushrooms and House Majority Leader Dick Armey.”

“These are dangerous topics that children, or adults for that matter, should not be learning about.”

“This statement sounds ridiculous, but that is effectively the message being sent by the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA), which mandates filters being placed on internet-linked computers at public schools and libraries to protect children from indecent material.”

“However, “indecent” is defined by the mere presence of a wide range of keywords and phrases, including “breast,” “pussy,” “under18″ and cum.” While these terms may be frequently used in XXX porn sites, they are also used in different contexts in serious news stories, job training sites and government web pages – for example to refer to someone who has graduated magna cum laude. Given the wide net cast by the key word-based internet filters, they end up denying youth and adults access to sites dealing with public health, biology and zoology, academics and more.” (from Alternet)