Wiki Wednesday: LISWiki – Readers’ advisory

The great thing about wikis is that anyone can contribute. The bad thing about wikis is that hardly anyone does. Part of the problem may be that people just don’t know where to start. And that’s where Wiki Wednesday comes in.

There are several library-centric wikis out there on the Internets, all with gaping holes in their content. Each week, Wiki Wednesday will highlight an article which needs to be added or fleshed out. LISNewsterz who know something about the week’s topic are encouraged to add content to the featured article. (Of course, you may contribute to others, too.)

This week’s feature article: Readers’ advisory on LISWiki. The article was first created in September 2005, and it is currently a 3-sentence stub with inconsistent punctuation. There’s certainly much more to be said about this important aspect of reference service.

So, go share your exptertise about readers’ advisory. Please follow the wiki’s rules, though. Wiki Wednesday will review your work, and assign another article, next week.