When is a library a rec center?

AshtabulaGuy writes Lifestyles Editor Carl E. Feather wrote recently in The Star Beacon about Kingsville Public Library, headed by Kathy Pape who lacks not only a duly-accredited master’s degree in library science but even a baccalaureate degree, and its conversion from a library to a community center on a six-month trial basis.

Pape appears to be an advocate of maintain a library similar to the express branches discussed recently for Philadelphia as she is quoted stating:

‘The Welcome Center outreach is driven by the changing role of the library. It’s no longer about being a place that stocks every book.

‘“The way the library works now, we don’t need a lot of space for books,â€? Kathy says. “We share with all the libraries in Ohio. We can get any book any time … Finding space on shelves, that’s a very small problem. Finding a place for people, that’s a bigger issue.â€?’

When does a library become more of a community center that also owns a pile of books? Is this necessarily a good way to go? And no, no duly-accredited master’s degrees in library science are seemingly held by anyone at the library.”