University of Oregon Libraries to cut several serial subscriptions

An Anonymous Patron writes the has this story about the cutting of several subscriptions to save money.

“The University Libraries, which compose many libraries on campus, have issued a list of more than 300 periodical subscriptions that may be cut in an attempt to save the University $200,000.
The cuts will be made in May to allow time for faculty to review and comment on the reductions, which follow a major round of cancellations made last year. Beginning March 1, faculty will be able to examine the proposed cancellations.

The cuts come in the face of a stagnant library budget and increasing costs for periodical subscriptions.

‘When serials inflate at a rate of 8 to 10 percent a year, we need to cut back or it would eat our entire budget,’ Associate University Librarian for Collections and Access Mark Watson said. ‘It’s kind of a vicious cycle.'”