UNC lawyers appeal Quran book order

Lawyers for the University of North Carolina told an
appeals court Saturday that students wouId be deprived
of free-speech rights if the court banned discussions of
a book on the Muslim holy text, the Quran. The Family Policy
appealed and asked the 4th U.S. Circuit
Court of Appeals in Richmond to stop the book
discussions. The court was expected to rule before the
discussions begin Monday.

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While, Elizabeth Dole said the state
legislature should stay out of the debate over
UNC-Chapel Hill\’s summer reading assignment
involving the Quran. She doen\’t agree with the
university\’s decision to ask incoming freshmen to read
\”Approaching the Qur\’an: The Early Revelations.\” But
she also said she disagreed with the House budget
provision that blocks money to the reading program
unless it gives equal time to all known religions.