The Right Books for the Right Libraries

Library Journal decided to ask a veteran Alaska librarian about some of the issues raised (libraries procedure for banning books) when Sarah Palin was chosen as McCain’s running mate. Charlotte Glover is the children’s librarian at the Ketchikan Public Library, and the state Chapter Councilor for the American Library Association. She’s been publicly critical of Palin, but, as the interview shows, she thinks collection decisions should be local.

  • LJ : “Do you think Wasilla will accept the donated copies of Heather and Daddy’s Roommate?”
  • Glover: “I don’t know the current Wasilla library director (K. J. Martin). It would be nice to see that library make a big splash to the media about having these controversial titles, but I don’t think that will happen, nor should it necessarily. Wasilla is still the bible belt of Alaska. The vast majority of the library patrons there really might be THAT conservative, so what is the librarian to do then? It’s a fine art to read a community, and expand their minds, without getting thrown out of town!”