The loneliness of a conservative librarian

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently featured an interesting commentary by David Durant, a self-avowed conservative librarian, on the recent political stances taken by the American Library Association.

Note: This story was submitted and rejected by another LISNEWS author. I know there are numerous reasons for rejecting a story so my posting this is no reflection on the original decision not to post. I did point out to the person that submitted the article that the story had been brought up in another post. The person had this response “Thanks for pointing that posting out as I had missed it. I noticed that the specific article is linked but Blake doesn’t include much detail about it. Also, the link on the posting doesn’t go to the article but the discussion about it on the Chronicle. There has only been one response to that specific article so I think that it is too bad it didn’t have its own. So if you want to post it here is what I think would work well.”

Note 2: You can read the essay The Loneliness of a Conservative Librarian here without a subscription to the Chronicle. -Bibliofuture

Note 3: No censorship happened on LISNEWS. Let’s move away from that discussion and discuss the merits or lack of merit of the The loneliness of a conservative librarian essay. Especially now that there is a link to the item that gives everyone access to the essay. -Bibliofuture