The First Lady’s Memoir is -Not- a Hot Ticket

The last story of 2008 on First Lady Laura Bush.

From The New Yorker: “According to Mrs. Bush’s spokeswoman, Sally McDonough, “She’s going to write a book about the people she met and her life in the White House. It’s not going to be an ‘I grew up in Midland’ type of book.”

The reception to Mrs. Bush’s pitch has been mixed so far. “She was not forthcoming about anything that I would consider controversial,” the [unnamed] publisher who met with her said. “We questioned her rigorously, but it was one-word answers. I considered it the worst, or the most frustrating, meeting of its sort that I’ve ever had.” He added, “But she really couldn’t have been nicer.”

“I chose not to meet with her,” a publisher at another [unnamed] company said. “I got the impression that everyone was totally underwhelmed by her. That’s why there’s so little buzz.”