Tampa Libraries Suffering from “Mission Creep”

michaelkpate writes “The Tampa (FL) Tribune has written an editorial citing examples of “library mission creep“. It complains of a shift from the ideal of increasing/expanding collections, and wants a moratorium on library building–“So make no mistake about it. The construction of new branch libraries is mostly about adding value to neighborhoods, not about getting more books to more people.”

“If, on the other hand, computer access is now the top priority, the library board should explore partnerships with other agencies or businesses. Perhaps it could team up with the neighborhood recreation centers, which also want to provide computer access to kids and seniors.

In the meantime, the board was wise to limit Internet computer time to two hours per person per day. It turns out that some citizens have been running their businesses from library computers, hogging them all day. While the new time limit may inconvenience a few, it will avoid the need for new buildings to meet the growing demand for public computers.”