t r u t h o u t – Bush Avoided Attacking Suspected Terrorist Mastermind

Fang-Face writes “Here’s
a disturbing story about Bush administration anti-terrorism efforts. It has nothing to do with books or libraries, but given the high level of interest in the USA PATRIOT Act and homeland security here at LISNews, I believe it is pertinent to most of us. Homeland security is supposedly all about protecting The People. To that end, numerous law enforcement agencies have been amalgamated under umbrella organizations and civil liberties have come to be regarded as inconvenient commodities and unAmerican. The end to all this, is to ensure that terrorists don’t get another shot at the U.S., it’s territories, colonies, and possessions. I have questioned the validity of these arguments under the viewpoint that anti-terrorism measures can only be as effective as the agents who pursue them. This article makes a very strong point in my favour. The story is by Jim Miklaszewski of NBC News, and reprinted at Truthout.org.