‘Students wary of e-books,’ says Northeastern U. student newspaper

“Electronic book devices have been available to the public for years, but improved versions, like Amazon’s Kindle and Sony’s Reader Digital Book, remain unpopular among Northeastern students and faculty.” – Northeastern News, a student newspaper at NU in Boston.

Big reasons given for anti-e-book sentiments at NU: “English professor Gary Goshgarian said e-books are merely a gimmick and hopes they will not replace imagepaper books,” reports the paper’s Lucia Allen. “‘I’m an old-fashioned kind of person, so perhaps it’s a generational thing,’ he said. ‘I would not be interested in paying $400 to hold an electronic memory of books.’” And even some students quoted are echoing his anti-E sentiments despite NU’s obvious pride in high tech on campus. People want the look and feel of P.

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