Selecting Books for the Public Library in a Connected World

Rick Roche Says Relying on traditional book review sources does not cut it for us any more. It never has been a totally successful way to identify the books that the readers in our libraries want and need. Now that they are on the Internet and watching cable television, it is less than adequate. We can not limit ourselves to reading three journals and looking at publishers’ catalogs. Now that our readers surf the web, listen to talk radio, and watch book programs on C-SPAN, they are requesting books that they would not have known about in the past. Their recreational interests are expanding, too. As a book selector for a medium small public library, not having the budget to buy indiscriminately, Roche needs to identify the books with a buzz. He needs to notice the books that our readers will notice, and wants to do it before they do if possible.

Here are His current sources of book news and reviews.