S.C. attorney general won’t let libraries have ‘offensive’ CDs

Fang-Face writes Remember that story from a few days ago about how thousands of dusty, unloved, unpopular CDs are being foisted off onto libraries by the music industry? Well, here’s a follow up:
some folks are enacting prior restraint and deciding for patrons and libraries what CDs are unacceptable. The knee-jerk reactionary in this case is the Attorney General of South Carolina, but it seems some other states are doing the same thing. So, which part of “Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the freedom of speech” are these butt-heads too stupid to understand anyway? Conversely, if you wish to argue that this does not really constitute censorship because it is collection development, what qualifications do these butt-heads have to determine collection development policy, to enforce that policy, and what authority do they have to simply usurp the prerogatives of the librarians who should be in charge of collection development?