Cites & Insights July 2004 available

Walt writes “Pushed a little so you can print & read it before heading off to Orlando for ALA Annual:

The July 2004 Cites & Insights (volume 4, issue 9) is now available for downloading.

This 20-page issue (PDF as always) begins with two ALA Annual-related essays:

* Perspective: Good Advice: Making Some Lists

* Bibs & Blather: Top Technology Trends Musings

Six other stories follow:

* Feedback & Followup: Monetizing, backchat, and more

* Trends & Quick Takes – nine items

* Ebooks, Etext and PoD (no big theme here!)

* The Library Stuff – eight articles

* Interesting & Peculiar Products – five items

* The Good Stuff – six articles

Enjoy. Barring surprises, the next issue won’t be out for at least five weeks.”