Read It Later’s app goes free and gets a new name, Pocket

Read It Later is making its app completely free — no more premium version — and renaming it Pocket to express the fact that users can save any type of content, not just articles. Full article at Paid Content.

I know librarians that say that “Read It Later” is their most used app. I never got around to buying it but downloaded it today now that there is a free version. Slick little app. You can put a button in the toolbar of your browser and when you see a story you want to read on your mobile device you just click the button and the article is on your device. The text formats to be easily read on a mobile screen.

You can sign up for an account at:
After you are registered at the site you are given directions for how to add a “pocket” button to your browser. You can then download the app to your mobile device and login with the account you created at the website.

For heavy users of online content like librarians this is a great app to have.