Podcasting for libraries: Great outreach tool in time?

David Rothman writes “In DIY radio with PODcasting, blogger “Doc” Searls discusses the new podcasting trend.

Podcasts send audio to iPOD-style gizmos through desktop computers, with downloads of selected “shows” happening automatically or at least regularly.

Some possible library-related apps:

–Daily audio book excerpts, within the limits of copyright law. Perhaps local drama students could read from the most popular works in the public domain. Or arrangements could be made to read all or parts of best-sellers in installments.

–Broadcasts of meetings of local book clubs.

–Courses in literature and other subjects.

–City council and school board meetings.

Podcasting is one more way to use the Net to do the equivalents of radio broadcasts aimed at very small, specialized audiences. Listeners can set up their software to “build” their own newscasts, talk programs or other shows from selected feeds.

This technology is harder to set up than it should be right now, but it will get simpler and is something to keep an eye on right now.

More at TeleRead.”