Oklahoma House Votes 60-33 to Segregate Books

As reported in the Daily Oklahoman [free registration required], The Oklahoma House of Representatives has approved HB2158, which will require all Oklahoma libraries to pull books with “homosexual” and “sexually explicit” subject matter from the children’s and young adult collections. I’ve reported on this before [2/10, 3/11, 3/11, 3/15]. For a sense of what the debate looks like, this is a quote from the sponsor of the bill:

“Libraries and librarians should not be usurping the role of parents,” Kern said. “You can’t sell toothpaste without sex. Our society is obsessed with sex. And I will tell you this, the American Library Association is out to sexualize our children.”

And here’s another opinion:

Rep. Glen Bud Smithson, D-Sallisaw, opposed the bill because it doesn’t give libraries an appeals process to fight a loss of funding. He likened the bill to legislation Osama bin Laden likely would support, saying “that is the way they do it over there. They teach them what they want to teach them and nothing else.”

The bill goes on to the Senate now.