OK Lawmakers Vote to Restrict Access to Homosexual-Themed Children’s Books

violadamore sent along some news on Oklahoma House Resolution 1039, written for the children of Oklahoma.
State lawmakers urged library officials to restrict children’s access to books with homosexual themes by an overwhelming margin on Monday.
House Resolution 1039, by State Rep. Sally Kern, calls on Oklahoma libraries to “confine homosexually themed books and other age-inappropriate material to areas exclusively for adult access and distribution.”

We’re not looking to ban any books,” Kern said. “We just think the books should be easily identifiable to parents who may not want a child to read those materials.

It also states that a child’s development “should be at the discretion of a child’s parents free from interference from the distribution of inappropriate publicly cataloged materials” and that public libraries should not expose children to material “that may be deemed harmful and inappropriate.”
You can listen to Rep. Sally Kern’s comments on HR 1039 in MP3 or WAV format.