NJ Library Funding Still Under Threat


Once again legislation modeled on the NJ League of Municipalities resolution has been introduced. This legislation would devastate public library funding for municipal libraries. Senate Bill 2775 calls for a reduction in minimum funding from a barely adequate 1/3 mill to a 1/6 mill.

The simple facts are that very few libraries in New Jersey could stay open if funded at 1/6 mill. Current law allows those rare communities that generate excess funding for public libraries to return that money to the taxpayers. To date no credible research has been done that establishes the need for such a drastic change to public library funding.

Did you know that in a single day in just 250 of the state’s libraries:

* 161,367 people walked through the doors
* 156,793 books, movies and more were borrowed
* 27,742 people used computers
* 18,537 questions were answered
* 1,245 people got employment help
* 1,241 programs were offered
* 984 people learned computer skills

How can the Senate think about a devastating cut to public libraries especially at this critical time?

Please ask you state senator to oppose S2775. NJ residents are using public libraries in record numbers. They are counting on you to support the current level of funding for public libraries.

Thank you for your attention to this issue.

NJ residents can take action by contacting their representative here.