New York Public Library as a Movie Star

Terrence Bosky writes “From “ER’s Noah Wyle is set to star in the TNT original movie The Librarian, the network announced. Wyle will play the titular character, who is responsible for a massive repository of secret treasures hidden beneath the New York Public Library.” More here from

Rochelle adds that there are about a million stories about this week’s opening of the weather disaster movie “The Day After Tomorrow,” all of which refer to a scene in which people burn books at the New York Public Library in order to stay warm. Here’s a choice blurb from a review in the Wichita Eagle.

Just barely, the movie does fly. Emmerich carves out moments of humor that deepen the emotions of the story, like when the New York librarians refuse to allow frigid survivors in the library to burn books for warmth, then insist only bad books can be incinerated.

I think I will go see the movie just to see what “bad” books NYPLers use to stoke the fire.