New Book Looks at Casino Gambling in America

The public debate over the economic impact of casino gambling is explored in a new book, “Governing Fortune: Casino Gambling in America” authored by Edward Morse, J.D., and Ernie Goss, Ph.D., professors of law and economics at Creighton University.

The book explores the legal and economic environment of casino gambling in the United States. Drawing upon their respective backgrounds, Professors Morse and Goss offer important insights to those wrestling with the policy dilemmas presented by legalized gambling.

The book begins with a brief look at the historical roots of gambling and then explores casino growth, including both commercial and tribal casinos. It also explores the costs and benefits of legalized casino gambling, and some of the conclusions are surprising. For example, casinos appear to create jobs but not growth in personal income; while casinos provide new sources for tax collections, their impact on tax relief is dubious.

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