“Must Read” Librarian Oriented Blogs?

I’m putting together a list of the top “must read” library blogs, but I don’t want this to be just my list. I want the list to reflect as wide a range of opinions as possible.

What blogs do you read every day? What blogs help you learn? What blogs keep you informed? What blogs make you laugh? Who’s the best writer out there? As one person put it: “I read many others, but these are the LIS blogs that get read even when time is short.Send me your list, or leave a comment below.

Your list need not be complete, fair, or even have more than one blog listed. I’m looking for a few names from everyone so the final list is a good reflection of what many people think about our little online world.

Note: We all know LISNews is obviously the single most important web site in the entire history of the internet, so therefore I won’t be including it on any final list.