Milwaukee Librarian Provided Alcohol To Minors?

Reports by investigative reporters are often not pretty. While there can be “gotcha” efforts, sometimes sunshine is provided in a dark situation. This is an odd one.

WTMJ in Milwaukee presented an online report following up on alleged actions by a librarian serving alcohol to minors near her home. The library director for the town of Walworth appears to have pleaded guilty and no contest to an array of charges. The person concerned, according to the report, has not lost her job even though she wound up with a $3,000 fine.

Things like this are not pretty but raise questions. What is the role of the public library in today’s world? When unaccompanied minors come into a library, what is the duty of care owed? What might something like this do to a library’s reputation especially when budget request time comes?

Read the story and think about it.