Marylaine Block to ALA: ‘Two words: “beta test”!’

In her latest issue of ExLibris, #174, Marylaine Block expresses her considerable concern about the newly designed ALA website. In her words:

“It’s not that ALA didn’t need to redesign its web site. And its goals were admirable: according to ALA Executive Director Keith Michael Fiels, ‘The new site will make it much easier for members and the general public to find the information they are looking for’.

“The site address for this news announcement about the redesign, however, is
ContentManagement/ContentDisplay.cfm&ContentID=25861, which is a good clue to the basic problem. This is easier? Easier than what? Than if it was inscribed on the head of a pin? Than if it was written in Sanskrit? Than if it had to be assembled like the parchment pieces of the Dead Sea Scrolls?”