long-awaited Library World Records coming soon

Godfrey Oswald writes “The long-awaited book “Library World Records” is now scheduled for publication in Autumn 2003, and can now be ordered in advance from the
publishers. The ISBN is 0-7864-1619-X, and the publisher is McFarland & Company Inc, (based in North Carolina, U.S.A).

The “Library World Records” offers readers amazing, incredible, and
fascinating facts and figures about libraries, and the three important
things we normally find in them: books, periodicals and, databases. The book
deals with superlatives and comparative information such as the first, the
largest, the oldest, the smallest and other miscellanea.

Details of the book can be found at
Here, You can also locate the book on the
publisher’s website by visiting mcfarlandpub.com and typing in the last name
keyword: “Oswald” or ISBN: 0-7864-1619-X “