Library’s mission off the mark

Here’s One from the Denver Post. On an upcoming vote tax increase to support expanded library services, the author, David Harsanyi, asks: “before we’re all blackmailed into subsidizing the perverted habits of others with cries of “community” and “The poor helpless children, what will they read?” it’s only fair to ask: What exactly is the role of the library? What kind of product should be stocked on its shelves? And where are we headed?

The library, he says, has departed from traditional library silence and mission.

Behind the bright smiles of the librarians, there is tension. They’ve worked their tails off to earn master’s degrees, only to be forced to subdue the ancient art of shushing and become mere clerks. The humiliation they must feel checking out an Ashlee Simpson CD to some punk who could care less about Melville Dewey is probably unbearable.

[Via Mefi]