Library Verse from the Stuff Barb Don’t Want Dept.

Robin Rose Yuran writes “HOW DOTH THE GLIB LIBRARIAN
By Robin Rose Yuran

How doth the glib librarian
Strive mightily to please;
She crosseth both her little i’s
And dotteth all her T’s.

But grizzled adversarian
Doth rob her dewey glow;
He pillage page and cracketh spine
As through the stacks he go.

That snaggle-toothed barbarian
With atavistic chin,
He rippeth all the pictures out
And put his doodle in.

Beware the mousy Marion
Of spectacle and bun;
Her lexi-cunning vanquisheth
All he of lesser pun.

“Put down the books you carrion!�
Librarian Marion cried.
Adversarian barbarian
Reluctantly complied.

How doth the glib librarian
Ignore his plangent pleas;
She blacketh both his little eyes
And whacketh both his knees.”