Librarians in a Flat World

At the ChaCha Official Blog there is an entry titled, “Librarians in a Flat World”. The entry is dated Nov.25, 2007. I had not seen this blog entry before and with the discussion about librarians and ChaCha I thought there would be others that would want to see this.

It starts: I’ve been thinking a lot over the past few months about how Librarians fit into the ChaCha vision of ‘easy access to better answers’.

Librarians offered the original answer service – the Reference Desk. As the primary keepers and organizers of information, Librarians through history have often been considered the font of answers, even educators. But the public dissemination of information has not really been the strong suit of Librarians. While Reference Desks provide an invaluable service, they have never had a huge impact on public consciousness or education, in part because of the one-to-one relationships that are created. ‘One person, one answer’ is valuable but not particularly scalable.

Full blog entry here.