Librarian Mr. “Nice Guy” Uses Podcasting

mdoneil writes “Marv Kaminsky, a reference librarian in the Midwest is using his skills andprevious career experience as a radio personality to produce webcasts
that are smart, fun, “listenable” and heard by people around the
world. He’s a librarian, but he does very little shushing. In fact,
he’s extremely talkative. In his day job, Marv Kaminsky is a
reference librarian at a public library in the Midwest USA, but on
weekends and evenings, he produces and hosts “radio” programs on the
Internet heard literally around the world.

In 2005 the Mr. Nice Guy Show debuted.
In 2006, Kaminsky debuted two other programs, LibVibe, a library profession news podcast and JNewsLight, a look at the lighter side of Jewish news. Both are approximately five-minute long, upbeat newscasts.

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