Judy Blume, Girls’ Friend, Makes a Move to the Movies

The NY Times is reporting that after many years of starts and stops that Judy Blume’s novel, “Deenie” will be made into a movie.

The Judy Blume faithful are surprised only that it has taken this long for such a movie deal. “She perfectly identified emotions and created stories around them that validated your emotions and taught you the fundamentals of life, when your mother just brought out the box and the brochure, which is so scary,” said Terri Minsky, creator of the “Lizzie McGuire” series, whose 9-year-old daughter listens to Blume books for younger readers on tape. “Judy Blume does it in a story, and it’s like a gift. Why must we be subjected to `Agent Cody Banks’ when there are Judy Blume books out there? It’s not right.”