Job Search Central at the NYPL

This article in the NY Times announces the unveiling of Job Search Central at the Science, Industry and Business Library Branch of the NYPL, Madison Avenue at 34th Street.

Free one-on-one counseling plus other services are available, as they once were doing a lean period for our current Commander-in-Chief. In an interview four years ago with American Libraries magazine, Mr. Obama recounted how a librarian at the mid-Manhattan branch of the library helped him locate the organization in Chicago that hired him as a community organizer in the mid-1980s. Hurray for librarians!!

Kristin McDonough, director of the business library estimated that more than one-third of the 1,900 daily visitors are looking for work or preparing for the loss of a job. She said about $1 million will be spent throughout the library system in the effort to help job seekers.