Iranian Nobel Prize Winner Sues for 1st Amendment Rights

mdoneil writes “Shirin Ebadi, Nobel Laureate, filed suit against the US in an effort to have her memoirs published in the States.

Ebadi, a 2003 Nobel Peace prize winner who was lauded by President Bush for her committment to democracy and freedom is forced to sue because of restrictions that bar publishing authors from Iran (as well as Cuba and Sudan – countries under US trade sanctions) that have not been previously published without American assistance.

Ms. Ebadi wishes to publish in the United States first because publishing in Iran would require approval of the government.

No matter who wins the election these rules impose an undue burden on these authors and restrict the freedom we enjoy to publish our thoughts to those within our borders. Let our new or returning elected officials know how you feel about the freedom of ideas. Let the ALA know they should be involved in this issue, it is more important than showing some partisan movie.

More info available in the AP article