Information needed to cope with crisis in the lives of individuals and communities

An Anonymous Patron writes A paper By By: Zapopan Muela.

As for the roles public libraries and voluntary sector agencies in the provision of such services, these are centered on these general axes:

1 roles with social responsibility, and social change

2 roles to seek and foster the welfare of the working classes, the disadvantaged, the poor, the needed and the social excluded

3 roles to alleviate and ameliorate all kinds of inequalities in the society

4. roles with a political and social commitment to foster the values of democracy and respect for human rights such the right to know, the right to be informed, the right to information access and so on; a committment towards the liberation of information;

5 roles to seek for the free of charge production, organization, and dissemination of the information

6 roles to promote community based research, like using the community profiling methodologies to gather accurate data and updating, and monitoring the users needs in their real environment.”