Huge flood on Director\'s First Week

You think your first day on the job was a tuff one?

In-Forum has
another Story on the flooding at NDSU. It turns out
the new director just started 2 weeks ago! Her fourth
day at work was a flood that caused incredible amounts
of damage to the library.

\"What Pamela Drayson
calls \"our own Niagara Falls\" came crashing through
the library\'s southside windows and engulfed full
bookshelves and map cases Tuesday, her fourth day of
employment at NDSU. Marooned in the south Fargo
house where she moved one week earlier, Drayson
could not reach the library, even by

What a trooper! Kudos to her and
her staff for all the hard work.
In two weeks it\'ll look like we\'re gliding on top of the
water,\" she said. \"But underneath we\'ll be paddling like
The library is being watched by others around the
country, especially those with an interest in agriculture,
physics and the other sciences, for which NDSU is
considered a resource.
\"We loan far more nationally than we borrow,\" Drayson
Asked whether the deluge has inspired her to return to
her previous post at Kansas City (Kan.) Community
College, her answer was an emphatic no.
\"I\'m having too much fun working with these people,\"
she said.

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