Linux Sysadmin [More Than Just] Help Wanted @

(This is a bit more than a “help wanted”, but slightly less than “for sale”)

I’ve spent about 5 years turning LISHost into the librarian web hosting spot, and I’ve decided it’s time for me to step aside as the “do everything guy.” I’m looking for someone to take over the main day to day operations at LISHost. My plan is to reduce the time I spend on the servers and change my role to more of a part time support guy.

This is more than a sysadmin position. It’s more than a support position. You’d be the owner and operator of a small web hosting outfit. It’s part time, requires no travel or regular hours, and pays as much as you think you can grow the business.

I’m hoping for a “real” librarian or at the very least, someone who has worked in a library. This means I’d like to have the new owner(s) of LISHost be another MLS.

If you’re interested you should have several years experience running a Linux or Unix web server, especially RHEL. The rest of the details are below.

You should be a “jack of all trades” when it comes to systems administration tasks.

The more things on this list you can demonstrate experience with the better:
Open Source software in general
Drupal, WordPress, Mediawiki, Gallery, Movabletype, etc..
Programming in PERL, BASH, PHP, and MySQL
MySQL administration
Apache configuration
Yum and Up2date
Postifx and Qmail, Dovecot and Vpopmail
Top, Free, Vmstat, etc…
du, df, ls, rm, find, tail, more, etc (both /etc and etc…)
Various .conf files and what they do

If you think you have what it takes, please drop me an email and we can start talking about what I have in mind.